messages from the masters

tree with Lights

This page connects you to randomly selected words of advice and support from one of the 32 Ascended Masters whose "cards" are in the deck further down this page. By clicking on the deck you will select a card which will have relevance for you now or may supply the advice you are looking for at this time.

The messages on the cards are taken from the Ascended Masters workshops put together by the "School of Inner Light" and will also form a part of a distance learning course. They were channelled to Hilary especially for the lessons being brought forwards and we have found that each of the Masters wished to work with a particular theme that they regard as one of their own "specialties". This comes across clearly in their words on the cards, and is also summarised on the card as the "card theme". The colours of the card you select are also of relevance, as they are a part of the energy of crystal grids that have been channelled to Mark for our use on the course, and which also support the Master's theme. You will also find a "crystal champion" brought forwards at the foot of each card, which is a  crystal specifically selected by each Master as supporting the theme of their card and having a place and relevance within their own individual crystal grid or being a crystal whose energies they carry or wear. Working with or carrying the relevant crystal will draw the energies of that Master closer to you and support you whilst you work with them on the issues surrounding the theme of their card.



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